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Yellow Dress, Grey Hat

What a great look! Yellow + Grey is one of my favorite color palettes for weddings 😉View full post »

Read Little Women

What a captivating story! I’ve met men and women alike who have loved reading this story. Check it out!View full post »

Pink & Green Glasses

I don’t yet need reading glasses, but aren’t these just so cute?View full post »

Bicycle Bag

I can’t quite figure out what sort of bike this is….. a bicycle? A tricycle? An optical illusion?View full post »

Wooden Cameras

Pick up your camera and go SHOOT something! I saw these cute little wooden cameras and just had to take their pictureView full post »

I Love New York

What more can I say? Seen in a store in New York Times Square…… PS: gotta love the pink!View full post »

Photo of the Day on Etsy {Personal Work}

WENDY G PHOTOGRAPHY | New York Film PhotographerView full post »

Paintings at The Met {Personal Work}

When I went to see the Picasso exhibit with my mom last month, I met a painter outside on the sidewalk. He wasView full post »

Windows and Doors {Personal Work}

Manhattan WENDY G PHOTOGRAPHY | Film Wedding PhotographerView full post »

Superfine {Personal Work}

Brooklyn WENDY G PHOTOGRAPHY | Film Wedding Photographer New YorkView full post »

Bucks Are Back!

I love these shoes! Especially on the guys. I have a saddle colored pair of my own but haven’t worn them inView full post »

Bergdorf’s + NY City Ballet

In the window at Bergdorf Goodman………View full post »

Filipino Bride

I’ve walked past the Philippine Center on Fifth Avenue dozens and dozens and dozens of times. But never beforeView full post »

Socks and Ties on Fifth

Fifth Avenue has quite the assortment of merchandise…… Stores and sidewalk vendors co-exist to meetView full post »

High Heels

“Killer Heels”…… I wonder why they call them that? Oh yeah, they’re unnaturally highView full post »

Photo of Photos at Alfredo of Rome

Legendary cuisine since 1914. And the one and only “Original Fettuccine Alfredo.” Yum! Check themView full post »

Flowers on Park

What’s cool about living in NYC is that it’s “manicured.” Landscaping, flowers, polished,View full post »