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Film, I Love You!

I’m in a hotel room out of town which is rare. I’m watching TV, which is super rare…. This showView full post »

iPhone + Verizon = Dream Come True

Can you hear my heart beating? CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? WENDY G PHOTOGRAPHY | NYC Wedding PhotographerView full post »

Flickr is For Fun! {Personal Work}

Check it out! WENDY G PHOTOGRAPHY | NY Film Wedding PhotographerView full post »

I Heart Blurry Pictures {Personal Work}

I don’t know when I became fascinated with blurry photos, I think 2002 or 2003. I love the way a blurry photoView full post »

Through Gates of Splendor {Personal Work}

One year ago today was the funeral for my Grandma Helen. Actually it was a Homegoing Service. I miss her, still, soView full post »

News Flash: Medical Team Murdered

This is an unusual blog posting for me but this is an unusual story. A medical team in Afghanistan was murdered thisView full post »

You Don’t Have Anything Unless You Have A Print

Here’s a tip: P R I N T… Y O U R… P H O T O S 😉 Pictures on Facebook and other online placesView full post »

Lipstick on My Coffee Cup

At an early morning business meeting I suddenly felt like drinking coffee. For those who know me, that is veryView full post »

Limited Edition Art // June 2010

June and this image, kick off the wendy g photography Collectors’ Series. This is for people who want toView full post »

Thoughts On Photography

Why do we photograph anything at all? Everytime I create a photograph, I’m acknowledging that what’s takingView full post »

Good Friday

On Friday, Jesus was crucified. But on the third day, He defeated death and sin and Satan, and rose again. If you areView full post »

Food for Thought // Foolish or Wise?

Fools mock at sin…. Proverbs 14:9a The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.” Psalm 14:1a The wayView full post »

Negotiation, The Art of

2009 was an interesting year for Wendy G Photography. There was a lot of negotiating. It’s not somethingView full post »

Photographing Snowflakes Part 1

So today, among all my other errands and tasks, I had to consider the coming snowstorm. Albeit, for me itView full post »

Analog Love

I love film! And for sooooo many reasons! Not trying to pick up an already old argument, “film v digital”.View full post »


I like the way taking someone’s picture tells them that they’re worthView full post »

On Being Photogenic

pho·to·ge·nic Pronunciation: {fō-tə-ˈje-nik, -ˈjē-} Function: adjective Date: 1839 1 : produced or precipitated byView full post »

Truthful Rumors

There’s a rumor going around that if you’re friends with wendy g, you’re gonna get your picture takenView full post »