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I LOVE Film and Your Wedding Photographs Are Worth It

It’s beautiful. Film has a realistic, natural color palette that digital cameras still cannot duplicate. And to my eye, people just look better when captured on film.

It’s timeless. The natural colors will never look dated or scream “2010”. They don’t need photoshop to look good. Your wedding and family photographs will look just as gorgeous in 25 years as they do today.

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It’s immediately archival. We can make photographs from negatives that are 200 years old…. and counting. Your wedding photographs are just such an heirloom.

It will always be “readable” or scannable. There’s no dependence on soon-to-be obsolete (or crashable) storage media.

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It provides innumerable options–now and in the future. Technology continues to improve our ability to scan negatives and other artwork. But an image captured digitally today, will only be as good as the camera processor that captured it today.

It’s a much more enjoyable process for you and for me. Being a film photographer allows me to engage all of my heart and my mind. My emotions are connecting with what’s taking place, rather than checking the back of a digital camera. It pushes me as an artist to be a better photographer because all the work and all the artistry takes place the moment I press the shutter.

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There are so many benefits to having your wedding captured on film! I shoot film because I believe that your wedding photos are worth it. I hope that you agree.

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PS: If you’re wondering how I get images on my blog and website and (more importantly) to you as Hi-Res files, I have a film-digital workflow. I shoot gorgeous photographs of your wedding on Fuji color and Kodak b+w film and give it to my professional printer. My printer makes custom Hi-Res scans of all the negatives. I post a few faves on my blog and website; I design your album using these same Hi-Res files; and you get to keep your scans and your negatives. Simple! Elegant! Elegantly Simple! 😉

  • October 12, 2012 - 8:14 am

    Ricki Ford - Nice! I like the way you worded this!

  • November 1, 2012 - 12:21 pm

    wendy g - Thanks Ricki! I hope it inspires someone to take another look at film….and then shoot it 🙂

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