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Photographing Snowflakes Part 1

So today, among all my other errands and tasks, I had to consider the coming snowstorm. Albeit, for me itView full post »

Analog Love

I love film! And for sooooo many reasons! Not trying to pick up an already old argument, “film v digital”.View full post »


King David had it in his heart to build a house for the Lord. But the Lord said that HE would build a house for David.View full post »


I like the way taking someone’s picture tells them that they’re worthView full post »

Just Point and Shoot

This is me having a little fun with my clients. First Monica and Lenny after yet another awesome time of familyView full post »

Truthful Rumors

There’s a rumor going around that if you’re friends with wendy g, you’re gonna get your picture takenView full post »

Old Friend

This is Simone. Isn’t she cute? We grew up together in Columbia, MD, but now she’s an L.A. girl! WENDY GView full post »

Hello Gentle Reader!

Welcome to my new blog, “The Blog 2.0”. Since so many changes have taken place in my perspective as anView full post »