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Wendy’s personal photography

Lunch at Ze Cafe

Recently I had lunch with Richard Jopson, an excellent photographer who also shoots film! Ze Cafe is quite nice andView full post »

Today Show

WENDY G PHOTOGRAPHY | Film Wedding Photographer New YorkView full post »

Remember Snow?

We in NYC are experiencing an incredible heat wave right now (102 degrees 2 days ago). But remember when all youView full post »

Post-Rush Hour

This is what it looks like in and around Grand Central Terminal just after the morning rush hour. WENDY G PHOTOGRAPHYView full post »


Times Square early afternoon of New Year’s Eve 2006. This is only a small fraction of the uniformed officersView full post »

Kathy // My Muse

My cousin, the law school graduate!! I’m so proud of her. I’ve taken so, SO many photos of her over theView full post »

Filipino Bride

I’ve walked past the Philippine Center on Fifth Avenue dozens and dozens and dozens of times. But never beforeView full post »

Socks and Ties on Fifth

Fifth Avenue has quite the assortment of merchandise…… Stores and sidewalk vendors co-exist to meetView full post »

High Heels

“Killer Heels”…… I wonder why they call them that? Oh yeah, they’re unnaturally highView full post »

Photo of Photos at Alfredo of Rome

Legendary cuisine since 1914. And the one and only “Original Fettuccine Alfredo.” Yum! Check themView full post »

Flowers on Park

What’s cool about living in NYC is that it’s “manicured.” Landscaping, flowers, polished,View full post »

Lipstick on My Coffee Cup

At an early morning business meeting I suddenly felt like drinking coffee. For those who know me, that is veryView full post »

Attack Dog (not really)

While in Newport Beach just before Christmas, we encountered this cute little dog at a boutique. The owner’sView full post »

Glass Bar

I love this photo! It’s the side of an all glass bar in the huge lobby of the Walt Disney Concert Hall in LosView full post »

Objets d’Art

My mom collects art from all over the world. At our home in Columbia, MD there’s a series of paintings fromView full post »

Self Portrait

This is me, though somewhat obscured. I’m in front of some shiny column structure of a building. I’mView full post »

Only in Vegas

Only in Vegas is the indoor parking FREE. And why? So that you can spend all your hard earned money in the slotView full post »