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Wendy’s personal life

Lipstick on My Coffee Cup

At an early morning business meeting I suddenly felt like drinking coffee. For those who know me, that is veryView full post »

Self Portrait

This is me, though somewhat obscured. I’m in front of some shiny column structure of a building. I’mView full post »

Only in Vegas

Only in Vegas is the indoor parking FREE. And why? So that you can spend all your hard earned money in the slotView full post »

Mom’s Book Event

My mother is an author and last year her second book, Secret Lives, was published. She’s received a wonderfulView full post »

Scenes From a Women’s Meeting

The Women’s Ministry at Times Square Church has been quite busy of late! Friday night Bible studies, SundayView full post »

Good Friday

On Friday, Jesus was crucified. But on the third day, He defeated death and sin and Satan, and rose again. If you areView full post »

Food for Thought // Foolish or Wise?

Fools mock at sin…. Proverbs 14:9a The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.” Psalm 14:1a The wayView full post »

Une Missionaire {Portraits}

This is my friend Esther. We met in the choir about 4 years ago. Two years ago she was moved by faith to workView full post »

Gospel Singers {Portraits}

Nicole and Erna both sing soprano (and also sing solos) in the choir at Times Square Church. They alsoView full post »

Old Friend

This is Simone. Isn’t she cute? We grew up together in Columbia, MD, but now she’s an L.A. girl! WENDY GView full post »