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Wendy G

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When I look at a person I can see the fingerprint of God. That they were made in His image which makes them uniquely special, and that they’re loved and wanted. The difference between meeting the eyes of another person and looking at a beautiful landscape or an animal or a tree or a river is that in the eyes of another person, we’re reminded that there is a God. That He loves each one of us and that He deserves our best. In each of us, there’s such Beauty–it’s quite mesmerizing! My goal is to take a photograph which gives that person a glimpse of the inherent beauty inside of them. Every one knows too well their own faults and weaknesses but what we need more of are reminders that we are uniquely loved.

Take a look around this blog or my website and get a feel for how my eye sees things. If you like what you see, I’d love to hear from you!

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