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Organization As a Strategy

When I first started photographing weddings, I showed up at the bride’s house or the hotel or wherever, loaded film into my cameras and documented the entire day…. getting dressed, ceremony, portraits, the reception and interesting and important details along the way. And during those first few years, I learned a lot about how much my couples needed and appreciated my input. Not just in how to photograph someone or something but in how to organize the day. I quickly realized that I had a much better understanding of how certain things can be accomplished more effectively. So I became pro-active in working with each couple to establish a realistic and power-packed timeline. I began to send each couple an email requesting key information like names, exact family groupings, their most cherished details, etc as well as a little discussion around light and what makes portraits really pop. This level of pre-wedding organization has been a huge help and has really allowed me to be more creative on the wedding day. This portrait from my early days reminds me that all the meticulous organization before the wedding is worth it 🙂
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