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Wedding Details in Connecticut

Wedding details really, really matter. It says everything about you and your love story and your style.
Louboutin Shoes Photograph
Like these perfect Christian Louboutin peep-toe flats….because Marin didn’t want to be in 5 inch stilettos on their wedding day….comfort counts too.
Or Joseph’s book of love poems which was used during the ceremony. These were their special little poems…..
Film Wedding Photographer
Bouquet Ball Wedding Photographer
And how these bouquet balls hung so beautifully from the trees where this outdoor wedding took place….so befitting.
Top Manhattan Wedding Photographer
Each element signifies something very particular. I love capturing these little details for every one of my couples! It really helps transport them back to that day….those vows….that moment that declared them husband and wife. What are some special details that you will have at your wedding?


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