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Keep Calm and Hire a Wedding Planner

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Planning a wedding of any size requires a lot of foresight, time, energy, and know-how. I’ve seen some self-planned weddings go-off quite well but many that didn’t. Save yourself multiple headaches from multiple emails, negotiating, spread sheets, wayward RSVPs, gift wrapping favors, endless talk about the minutia, and the S T R E S S. Initially it will seem like planning your wedding will be the first of many dream-come-true moments but it’s often the beginning of becoming obsessed with the wedding day and potentially loosing sight of the marriage, friends and family. So hire a planner! They can work with you from the very beginning and some will even provide “day-of” services after you’ve finally had enough. But even though they charge for their expertise, they can also save you money. They can make less expensive suggestions/substitutions that you’d never dream of. They can also help negotiate the rates your other vendors charge or get some extras thrown in. Trust me. I’ve seen it all. And not one of my couples who hired a planner regretted it.


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