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Film Diary One {Engagement}

So this engagement session was major on my journey back to shooting 100% film. It was 5 years ago today and it’s still one of my all-time favorites!
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You see, I’d been shooting film photography, teaching myself along the way with a few classes as needed. But like so many photographers, I got swept off my feet with the promise of something “better” only to be found with a digital camera. So in 2005 I bought a digital camera and started using it, along with my film, at weddings. I did this for 2 years, and then decided to go all the way, 100%, digital. And 2008 happened to be a really busy wedding season, so I shot tons and tons of things with my digital cameras. The frustration that kept coming up was that my digital files never would come out as beautiful as my film photographs always had. I spent a lot of money on cameras, software, computers, etc all to support the digital photography. But at a certain point I thought, “If I’m going through all this and it’s still not what I want, I should just shoot everything on film.” And so in the summer of 2009 I started shooting a few rolls here and there at weddings and portrait sessions and when I travelled. And I loved it! And this time, I really appreciated it. I really developed an appreciation for film photography–the beauty, the simplicity, the colors and skin tones, and the process. I was actually interacting with my subject entirely, instead of interacting with my digital camera. I found my exposures were perfect and consistent whereas with digital cameras, the exposures could be all over the place. Digital cameras did’t seem to like a lot of light…… So finally I sold the digital camera gear and committed myself to analog photography. Now fast forward to December 2009—my friend is getting married and I’m the photographer. When they initially hired me, I was still a digital photographer, but after my epiphany, I discussed everything with them and they were incredibly supportive. So I arrived in Los Angeles with my film cameras and lenses and a ton of film. I had a vision for their engagement session and another friend knew of just the right spot. So we went there and this is what we created. Now that was 5 years ago and God has blessed and expanded the borders of all of us since then. The last 5 years have been such a wonderful journey. I’ve grown so much as a person as well as a photographer. And this moment, captured 5 years ago today, marks the spot when so many lovely changes began. Right now, near the end of 2014, I’m feeling so grateful! Thank you Jesus for being with me all along the way 🙂


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