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I’m Trying to Grow a Green Thumb

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Have you ever tried to grow houseplants but quickly realized you didn’t know what you were doing? Well, now you know how I feel. I’ve been doting on these little plants for WEEKS…. watering them, moving them around my apartment, just staring at them, buying fancy planters, then buying the classic terra cotta planters, repotting, and worrying about them….. It’s been pretty ridiculous really. And I won’t even tell you how many websites I’ve gone to for help (I won’t tell you because I’ve lost count!) These poor little plants. And one of them (conspicuously not in any of the photographs) is a plant that everyone says “you CAN’T kill”…. they grow anywhere….. they hardly need any light….. you can just put it in water and watch it grow….. blah, blah, blah (many of you probably know which plant I’m talking about) well anyway, mine almost died! Yep, one yellow leaf dried up and fell off after another so I finally just took it out of the soil and put it in plain ole’ FILTERED water. And the next day another leaf started to turn yellow. (sigh) Tomorrow morning I’ll do the sad deed of removing that dead leaf and discarding it, and then I’ll wonder what else I can do. Hmmm….. I’m trying to turn my murderous, plant killing thumb into a green thumb. I’m trying đŸ˜‰


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