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I love my iPhone 4

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It seems like just yesterday…. I can clearly remember everything….. My Blackberry, sadly, had drowned when my water bottle emptied into my purse 🙁 That day was a spectacular adventure because I was on my way to photograph my wedding clients’ new baby boy 🙂 So I descend from the LIRR with no working phone to call them (LOL); now other people get involved…somebody’s BB charger… another person’s cell phone… even a local taxi driver. But to no avail I still couldn’t figure out how to reach my clients (who were awaiting my call to come and pick me up). But wait a minute! Is that a local police department? Why yes it is! I go inside to elicit their help. They can’t find my clients’ address because they’re unlisted 🙁 Sadly, I make the slow walk back to the LIRR to go all the way back to the city. Wow! I can’t believe this. But wait! Is that one of the nice police officers on the train platform coming my way? Why yes it is! Somehow they were able to find an address, so he offered to drive me over there himself. JOY!! And within a few short moments, I’m inside the bright, warm home of Elizabeth and Chris and their brand new baby boy. WOW! God is good and knows how to “make it happen”! 😀 Shortly thereafter, I was ordering my new iPhone 4. Yes I know the new iPhones are out and they look ever-so-cute! But I’m still rather attached to my cute little iPhone 4…. I’m a bit torn. (sigh)

PS: that’s Clara whom I photographed with her big sister a few weeks ago. I photographed her sister when she was the same age that Clara is now. As you can see, Clara is also rather attached to my cute little iPhone 4….

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