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My Grandparents


Now here’s a wedding I’ll never forget. My paternal grandparents got RE-married after 40+ years of being divorced. Wow! God does miracles 🙂 They went on to have 11 wonderful years together until my Grandma went home to be with The Lord. My Grandaddy, manfully, carried on as best he knew how. Last week The Lord brought him home, at 102 years old! Wow, that too is a miracle. Tomorrow is the funeral and this is my favorite photo of him…. of them. During their second marriage they were inseparable. I can only imagine what wonders and awe they each are experiencing in the presence of Christ right now. To be fully known and yet full loved and utterly spotless….. No earthly marriage can compare; and yet God calls us to earthly marriage to give the world just a taste…. a taste of heaven… a taste of the love of Jesus Christ.

Amen. Hallelujah! Amen!


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