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My Awesome Assistant Jen {Engagement}

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I knew this day was coming and now the time is flying! My awesome assistant Jen got engaged and now after what seems like a blink, the wedding is just months away. We met six years ago when I realized that I needed an assistant with me at weddings. She’s a fast learner and awesome help on the wedding day. A few times each year for one reason or another, she can’t come with me to a wedding. I’ve had backup/substitute assistants or I’ve photographed the wedding without an assistant…. it may not be a huge deal…. one can’t look at the photos and guess when she was or wasn’t there…. but it’s nice to have her help and camaraderie throughout the day. So now that she’s getting closer and closer to the aisle herself, many of our conversations are about what we really like at weddings. Here’s a short list: GOOD wedding planners, colorful bridal bouquets, understated elegance, a drama-free experience for the couple, and not being in search of “the perfect day”. If Jen had a wedding blog, she’d share more of these interesting observations. But since she doesn’t, I’ll periodically pick her brain and share what her experience is like as a wedding professional. These are the photos of Jen and Andrew that we did a couple of months ago. I love the overall look! Her shirt is really cool, Andrew looks so relaxed, and their puppy Axel is just like a little puppy–bouncing and bounding around just like he’s supposed to 🙂


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