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I’m Still, Humbly, Learning (^_^)

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It’s usually at this point on the calendar that I start re-assessing my business, and my art. It’s been a great year for discovery. I found out that I’m controlling! Aaaah! We artists can be so close to our work that we don’t want anyone to touch it. Nobody edits my images… nobody designs my clients’ albums… no other photographer shoots like me… etc, etc… wow. But the truth is in some areas it’s GOOD give up some control. Studio manager on the way… YAY!! Another thing I’ve learned is that I should stand up for my creative and technical preferences. Sometimes the pressure is intense to shoot something the way someone wants, even when I don’t see it that way… OR I see potential problems with their way (ouch!). Wedding planner… Mother of the Bride… Photo Enthusiast/Groomsmen… Disc Jockey/Entertainer/Circus Master… etc. I think you get the picture. And I HATE to fuss or put up resistance or insist on my own way on the wedding day. I don’t want to do anything to upset my Bride+Groom. The wedding day is most definitely NOT about me/THE PHOTOGRAPHER. Clients get ready, if your wedding is still “coming soon”, I’ve got a few things for us to talk over to help me do the best job that I can possibly do for you. FOR YOU. For you I’m learning how to be gentle AND firm regarding all those other people, to do what I feel is best FOR YOU. I’ve also learned more stuff that I’ll talk about later! Enjoy the above “Walk Around Camera” photos 🙂
a-Sofa Flower
b-my mom’s deck (she has the green thumb, not me)
c and d-along 42nd Street and Grand Central


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