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Don’t Get Mad, Get Ready

or How to Survive the Post-Wedding Blues
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Ok so nobody talks about it but I think Post-Wedding Blues is something we should discuss.
Fast forward to six weeks after your wedding. You’re back from your honeymoon already. You’re back at work.
And your friends are no longer talking about your wedding. THE wedding. In fact it’s almost like business as usual, except for one little thing. You’re annoyed. No you’re not annoyed. You.Are.ANGRY. At what? At whom? And why? Sometimes you don’t like your new husband or rather you don’t like some of the little things that he does. And your mother-in-law said something that you think was indirectly directed at you. And two of your bridesmaids haven’t even called you yet to ask you about married life. And you still have some bills left over from the wedding. And your cousin who boycotted your wedding (said she had to wash her hair that weekend) invited you to her baby shower. Baby what? Hmmm…. So you’re mad, but you don’t know why. So now, let’s reverse engineer this thing. What can be done BEFORE the wedding to help avert some of this?

Take a deep breath and don’t let planning your wedding take over your life. I know, I know… you’ve been waiting YEARS to plan this wedding and you want to relish every little bit. But you know what? It’s a much better investment to relish and nurture your relationships. Just think about it: if you have some deep, exclusive relationship with planning your wedding, when the wedding’s over you’re gonna feel jilted. Right? Totally dumped! But if you spend more of your time continuing to get to know your future husband, your in-laws, and your girlfriends, they’ll still be there after the wedding. They won’t be in the backseat, instead they’ll be right next to you enjoying the ride along this adventure called LIFE.

Safe Travels,
Wendy G

Back to our regularly scheduled program of film photos from some of my beautiful clients….. Enjoy!
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  • July 23, 2011 - 6:56 pm

    Ime - Hi Wendy! I have heard of this after-wedding phenomenon and thought that the “blues” must be directly related to the amount of focus placed on the event rather than the people and process. I’m inclined to also think that brides go through this more than grooms, because brides become the center of attention in the wedding process. Very interesting. Thanks!

  • July 25, 2011 - 9:52 pm

    wendy g - Yes Ime! It’s all about balance. Too much emphasis on the wedding day (and how impressive it will be) with too little emphasis on continuing to build and nurture real relationships with real people = A Real Problem

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