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Planning your own wedding? Here’s a tip: Don’t be afraid of color

Pink Flowers NY Wedding Photographers
Don’t be afraid of color! You can use color to create specific moods; celebrate the season; utilize your favorite color; and be TOTALLY unique!

Remember Art class? Think about the color wheel–blue, yellow, and red are the primary colors. And orange, purple, and green are the secondary colors.

Ok, stick with me now…… The COMPLEMENTARY colors are the two colors that are across from each other on the color wheel. These are the complementary colors: Blue-Orange, Yellow-Purple, and Red-Green. And it gets even better! Because you can play around even further with saturation! How about bridesmaids in Blue dresses carrying a bouquet of orange and peach flowers? Or Yellow dresses with a lilac belt? Or Pink and Green plaid ties for the guys?

But there’s more! The colors that are immediately adjacent to each other on the color wheel are also great options. Think about a bouquet of yellows and greens. Ok you get the point!

You see, when you know the basics about color, you can get super creative and still benefit from the classic, tried and true palettes. 🙂

This couple used purple and different shades of pink which go very well together. (pink is a less saturated tone of red and purple is next to red on the color wheel)


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