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Planning your own wedding? Here’s a tip….

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Talk with your wedding photographer as early as possible before the wedding to establish the timeline. Ideally this conversation will take place 4-6 months before your wedding. The photographer can’t be your wedding planner, but certainly she can give you vital input about when and where to do group photos and your couple portraits.

I’ve found this to be the most important information that I can give my clients. Most couples who are getting married don’t allot enough time for the portraits they’ve hired me to capture. A ceremony that’s scheduled to end at 4:45 means that portraits can start as early as 5:00. Why the 15 minute lag? Because right after the ceremony, guests are coming out; everyone wants to say congratulations; people want to photograph you with their digital point-n-shoot; they want to look at your dress, your rings, etc. It’s nearly impossible to avoid these few moments of “Félicitations!” and neither should you. Guests have traveled from near and far; they’re all dressed up; they’re happy for you; they want a tiny moment just to see your face; and some of them have to leave early.

So when you schedule portraits at this time or at that time or at this location or at that location, please talk with your photographer first. She’s photographed hundreds of weddings and is jam-packed filled with helpful information.
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