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Film, I Love You!

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I’m in a hotel room out of town which is rare. I’m watching TV, which is super rare…. This show about people competing for an opportunity to open a restaurant is very intriguing. Now, I must admit, I’m coming in during the middle of the show/season and don’t know much about each character. But here’s what I find so interesting: there’s a team who have a concept for a type of restaurant, the restaurant’s “vibe”. But it’s obvious they don’t know much about food or about cooking or realize that they need to find out. Now, everyone has to start somewhere, so not knowing about food or cooking is not an automatic strike against them. But what I find so intriguing is that they don’t even realize that they need more than a cool idea. They need to understand their product. They need to learn how to cook. Wow…..

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It reminds me of what’s going on in wedding photography these days. Over the years I’ve seen less and less emphasis on actual photography and more and more emphasis on software, megapixels, lenses, actions, and a whole lot of other peripherals. I see wedding photographers out there focusing on everything except taking beautiful, compelling photographs.

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When I went from film to digital, I too got swept away with all the the newness and coolness and craziness of it all. I spent hours, I spent days contemplating megapixels and actions and software and nikon vs canon, etc, etc. I look back and think, “Wow, what a waste! I should have been out somewhere taking pictures!”

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Since my return to shooting on film in late 2009, I can honestly say that photography is fun again. 😀 It’s about spontaneity and shooting with my heart. It’s about taking the path least taken. It’s about finding my own voice with my own eye as a photographer. It’s about being as creative as God made me to be. It’s about light and composition. It’s about beautiful colors and stunning blacks and whites.

(No longer is it about actions to give it this effect or that effect. No more trying to pump some life into the flat, sterile colors from digital cameras. Film, as it turns out, has beautiful colors straight out of the camera. ALL the colors. The sky, the flowers, the streetlights, and yes, even the SKIN TONES. Let’s be honest, achieving accurate skin tones with a digital camera is like chasing after some mythical holy grail. This is precisely why the actions and plug-ins are needed. The thinking is, “Since the colors can’t be accurate, let’s just do something ‘cool’ with them.”)

After shooting digitally for all those years, in 2009 I did a U-turn and went back to film. I must say, “Film, I love you! We must never part again!”

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  • March 22, 2011 - 3:34 pm

    matt haines - You’ve got my vote, Wendy! Gooooooooo…film! Having done the same U-turn, I totally agree.

  • March 23, 2011 - 5:50 pm

    wendy g - Yeah go film, go! Still out in front….. Thanks Matt for stopping by my photoblog. wendy g

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