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News Flash: Medical Team Murdered

This is an unusual blog posting for me but this is an unusual story. A medical team in Afghanistan was murdered this week. Why? Was it because they provided medical care in remote villages? They hiked for hours to get there. But no, that’s not why they were murdered. According to a T@liban spokesman, they were murdered because they were spying for the Americans and preaching Christianity. What?!! I don’t see anybody else hiking up there to help. Unbelievable. The T@liban doesn’t seem to have any plans to provide help to their own people. But murdering other people who are trying to help makes them outrageously mad. So outrageously mad that they consider it justification for murder. Do they really think that the medical team was about spying? Or are they afraid of Christianity? Are they afraid of the audacity of a God who loves?

Wow…. I think to be in the T@liban must be exceedingly hopeless.

Read the article HERE

  • August 7, 2010 - 10:16 pm

    ap - Horrible, the enemy thinks he can use people to stop Jesus but the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church; He will never be stopped..every knee shall bow… (no need to post)

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