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Major Renovations {Personal Work}

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NY Wedding Photographer
Recently I took a little time off to rest. I got a MAJOR hair cut (AKA The Big Chop) and also went to visit my family. That Saturday I hung out all day with my Auntie running errands, shopping, having lunch, etc. We also stopped by my grandmother’s old house in DC. My aunt needed to stop by because it’s undergoing MAJOR renovations. I haven’t been there since I was a little girl. At first everything seemed so much smaller but as I walk around from floor to floor and from room to room, it all started to feel so familiar again. We have so many wonderful memories with our grandmother in that house. That Saturday also happened to be the one year anniversary since her funeral (home-going). I was a bit teary thinking about it all…… but also comforted……. God is good. Here are a few images of the house and me with my brand spanking new hairdo–a tapered afro (I LOVE this hairstyle!) I took the photos of myself with the aid of a door mirror in one of the upstairs bedrooms. What do you think? I need a REAL picture of me with my new look đŸ˜‰

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