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Scenes from My Brother’s Graduation

Mt Zion School Of Ministry
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This was one of the most thrilling and special days of my life. Of course I could hardly sleep the night before and of course I woke up an extra hour early. It’s a 3 hour drive to the campus and we got there a couple of hours early. It was wonderful! Seeing my brother graduate after 3 hard but joyful years was amazing. And he served as their class president during that time. Surprise, surprise–he was also the valedictorian! Wow! God has been very good to my brother–and my family by association đŸ˜‰ Alumni were also there as a reunion. If you know someone who wants to go to Bible school or who wants to go into full time ministry, Mt. Zion International School of Ministry is the place to be!

WENDY G PHOTOGRAPHY | New York Film Photographer


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