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Lipstick on My Coffee Cup

New York Professional Photographer
At an early morning business meeting I suddenly felt like drinking coffee. For those who know me, that is very strange…… because I don’t drink coffee…. which to some people is strange enough. When I was growing up my mom drank coffee EVERY morning and I was drawn to the smell of it. So when I was about 6 or 7 years old I asked her to fix me a cup. And she did. With lots of cream and sugar. And I tasted it. And I hated it. Besides that, I couldn’t even understand it! It smells one delicious way but then tastes like something else. Well that cured me. So now I’m a grown woman who doesn’t drink coffee. In New York that’s highly unusual. So, surprisingly, on this morning, in a whisper, I asked the waiter for a “half a cup of coffee” to which I added lots of cream and sugar. I drank a few sips and it wasn’t too, too bad! Maybe whipped cream or vanilla ice cream would have made it taste better….. Oh, well. Then and now, I know my mom’s coffee cup by the lipstick on it. I thought it was cool that I could be like Mommie, if even for just a few grown-up sips 🙂

WENDY G PHOTOGRAPHY | New York Wedding Photographer


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