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Thoughts On Photography

Why do we photograph anything at all?

Everytime I create a photograph, I’m acknowledging that what’s taking place in front of me is important. It’s worth remembering. I’m staking a claim that sometime in the future, someone will need to see and feel and experience what I’m seeing, feeling, and experiencing at that moment.

And it’s not just photographers and other artists who feel this way. People everywhere, all the time, are taking photos with their iPhone or digital point-n-shoot camera or the like. The impulse to document a special moment is universal.

So I started to wonder, “Why do we take photographs in the first place? Where does this impulse come from?” Is it a way to extend our mortality, to live forever? Is it because we don’t want to rely on our memory to remember our memories? Does a photograph more accurately evoke the feelings of that moment than our own minds? What is it about holding a photograph in our hand that connects us to something that’s real, something that’s permanent? Something that’s bigger than ourselves?

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