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Family Portrait
I don’t normally do this. But with so many ways of interacting on the internet (Twitter, FB, etc) my Blog readers don’t always get the full story. After these Family Portraits, I made a slide show of their favorites and they sent it out to their family and friends. They got such wonderful feedback, they shared it with me! When I read all of this, I was a little overwhelmed. (^_^)

(their full names have been omitted for the blog)

The portraits are fabulous and the three of you look so lovely. Wendy did a great job. Take care.
Aunt V.
OMG… you all are so beautiful! I love these pix. I wish i lived closer so that I could use your photographer. She is awesome. You have been blessed and I am so happy for you and so proud of you. It’s still hard for me to believe that you are married with kids!
Wishing you much more continued happiness and many many. blessings.
Luv ya,
You are so right about wendy. She is really good. I felt like I was there in the room with you guys. Beautiful shots!!!
Take care,
Those are are some beautiful moments that Wendy captured, let God continue to bless you and family.


SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL. You make me wish I had taken preggo photos… and with Wendy, too (smile). I LOVE THE PICS.
Love, T

The pictures were simply beautiful! This photographer is phenomenal, always happy to view her work, she makes me want to send my babies to take pictures, well when T learns to smile that is! Looking forward to meeting your newest family member soon!


Wow!!! Thank you for sharing those beautiful pictures. I’m sure you all make Wendy G’s work very easy!!! I can see she is very good at capturing the best of moments. You have such a beautiful family. Congrats on the new addition. I look forward to seeing his debut photos too. You are such a goreous prego. And your bump!!! I wish mine was that pretty. Glad to see you all are doing well. Lil Miss H is tooooooo adorable for words!!!
Thanks again for sharing!


Hi there Mrs H.
Hope all is well! Just wanted to shoot you all a note to simply say LOVE THE PICS!!!! As always, there were amazing. I love Wendy’s work!
Thanks for sharing and looking forward to the new arrival soon!
Talk to you soon!
Love, KJ


Hey sweetie –
I could say a million things about this slideshow but one word sums it up – BEAUTIFUL!!!!
I’m not talking about the three of you but I felt the energy of your love for each other and that was it for me J
I’m so happy for you guys and I will always feel a connection to you!
I pray for you guys all the time – stay sweet and stay in love!

How beautiful! You look stunning. I think you were sent as a ploy to make everyone who does not have children think that Pregnancy is easy and fun. LOL. Just kidding, but you and the family look great. Wendy did a marvelous job… You all look amazing.
Congrats again on the little man;-)


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